11 April 2011

yup ! english camp is the BEST ! 

english camp just for form 1 and form 2 i think .. 
we are devided into ten groups and i in group 4 with amira , ng xiau hui , sharol , alif and the others ..
we have to talks in english ... no other languange we can speak except english .. 

it have a lot of games ! that have to be done in our groups .. 
and i hate acting part ! i just call him 'darling' .. not real 'darling' ok ?
it just in acting part ..

haha .. im gonna be an actress ?? no way ! 
haha .. we're really2 enjoy that camp ..
i hope next year ,, we can join it again ! 

now im waiting for the SMART KID EDUCATION ! 
it gonna be fun for me !

okay ! this is my picture at english camp .. i wear yellow cloth ..

so nervous on the stage !

 just acting when i call him 'darling' ok ? not real !

prize giving ! i won i won i won !

sorry my english totally bad ! :(