i hate the way u are !
12 April 2011

i like to tell you something .. that is my secret .. haha 
what my post title today ? 'i hate the way u are' right ?
yup i HATE u ! not u .. im just say to my 'bezfrenz' .. 
NOT the indian , tall , cute indian girl .. 
she is my 'frenz' .. frenz ?
who want you to be my frenz ? 
seriously ,, i hate you ! her name is ...........
start with K ! it can be kemisah , kirby , katty or anything else .. 
so find it ! haha .. just kidding .. 
she tooks my bezfrenz ! 
and she never never and never give me time to play with my bezfrenz .. 
what ?! you dont believe it ?! maybe you dont realize it ! 
she likes to cry .. i hate budak manja ! 
eventhough dimarah becuz she doesnt know to play bola jaring ... 
it just a little ! i dunno why her mum spoil her so MUCHH ! 
suka berlakon ! salam ngan org pon nk sebut s.a.w ...
aku x marah die sebut tu ,, aku lagi suke org alim but sesuai ke ?
perangai mengalah kan ank kucing ! terlampau manja ! 

sorry my english are bad !