New title, it's about FAKE
17 January 2012

/Assalamualaikum\ Still cute hah the person in pic above? NVM, today I do my homework that have been left undone.  Tsk tsk tsk, a lot of homework for this week dear! Need to do summary about the person that I admire for English sub, drawing a heart in a piece of paper for Science. Actually, that's hw that are gonna use tomorrow. The others homework, still undone gais. No time gais. Although just three weeks in school for 2012, a lot of homework has been given for us. Especially, PSV. Urgghh, hate the most!

Fake! Yeah, sometimes people are fake. But my title not about people, it's about happiness. Urm, sometimes I do that. What about ya? I don't know from where or who I got the title. It just came in my mind like pzaaap! New title so new look, again? Haha, I love to change my layout, right. What can I do, I always not sastified for what I've done to my superugly blog.

#Today is English Day at my school. So automaticly, totally speaks in English although just in blog.

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