Spending My Time With My Neighbour
15 October 2011

Hi cuttest and hottest! Today I've spending half
day making biscuits! Why I'm busy making biscuit?!
Eid Day already end right? Actually my mom and me
helping our neighbour making biscuits becuz they
will celebrate Deepavali's Day! We start helping them
yesterday's night. First, my mom was helping them alone
but after my mom returned to home to perform Maghrib's
pray, she asked me want to come along or not. I just came
with her becuz I love making biscuit. We finish making biscuit
about 9 pm. But we don't go home. We taking fresh air at
the playground. Then, my mom want to buy Mamak's Fried
Noodles. My mom asked me to take her money at home and
also forks becuz we plan to eat at the playground, on the see-saw.
After we finished eating, we back to home! Happy day!
And today we still helping our neighbour making biscuits.