16 October 2011

Hye, hye, hye, hye and hye! Today I wanna tell ya alls about
one group from Malaysia. I think it is new men group. The group's
name is Fourteen. Actually, I dont know much about this group.
I just know what song they sing. It is Berdua Bersatu.

First of all, I already know about this group. I know it from my
brother. He want me to download their song but there a problem
with our computer. So I cant help him to download this song.
And my brother do it himself. Like usual, go to CC to download
the song. And he have the song. But I refused to bluetooth
this song from him becuz I think it is old grop.

But a few minutes ago, I bw at some blog and one of the blog post
about this group. When I read the entry, it say they are smart,
stylish becuz they wore blezzer. And their official vid of Berdua
Bersatu also in the entry. So I play the video and the song it
superb! And I love the song very much! Btw, the singers
so cute and handsome. Haha^^ My heart still with Justin
Bieber ok?! :P