Everything's Over.
27 February 2012

Assalamualaikum ! Lama Key tak post right ? Right . Malas yang bersarang di minda ini membuatkan Key malas nak cari idea untuk post something . Now, I'm back ! My exam's tomorrow . Alhamdulillah , so far I still can remember the things that my teachers taught me last year and 2 last year . 

As you see , there's bit of changes in my blog aite ? And my blog title also changed . Everthing's Over. Yeah , for me nothing can be changed again . So , it's over . You must think that I want show off to type in English right ? That's your thought . It can't be changed by me . Itulah maksud tajuk blog saya ni . If you don't change your thought , I can't do anything  . Because for me Everything's Over when you started to hate me .

You must accept it even though it hurts your heart very much :') Whatever it is , don't give up . Just do the best even though it's really hurts to try do the best . As humans , we never be perfect . We are not God so there must be sometimes we make some things that can't be accepted by other people .

Sorry for the bad English writing . I'm not good in English as I have to seek for someone's help . One day , you also must seek others help . Believe me :)