Blog aku takda navi's bila kau-orang view blog aku. Betuul ker?
30 January 2012

/Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh\ Okeh okeh, mesti korang tertanya-tanya kan pasal post kali nih *eventhough Key rasa tidak. Okeh, kawan Key mengatakan yang blog Key ni takda navi's ataupun button yang nak ditekan untuk nak pergi Profile, Taggie and semua tuh. And I was like, " What?! ". I really really really shocked. How come this can happen, I said in my heart *ok, ayat tunggang langgang. Hey, you-people is it true? Puh-lease, tell me! But when I view my blog from my computer, it is okay. Why hah? If you view my blog and everthing's okay, please comment this entry gais.

Another thing, I suppose to have a netball's training today. But I don't brought my sport shirt to school this morning. I thought, I go back home, took a bath, eat and pray then go to school by bus. But you know, my mother. She asked me not to go and I can open internet today. Hoho, what can I do.