Break of Dawn
12 October 2011

I'll keep dreaming you'll be with me
I believe that somewhere down the line you'll be mine
In the twilight
I feel your beating heart
I won't let go
Won't give up noooo..

*New song at my bloggy. Just found it about a couple weeks ago.
This song are really nice. The lyrics are so meaning to me.
Romantic song. This song belong to Eric Saade. His
voice are so perfect. *Tidak bermakna Justin Bieber dilupakan!
*Sorry my english trully s*cks!

I really want to be a girl that can
speak in english with excellent. So from now on, I'll use
english in my bloggy. Only apply it on easy words. Kalau susah
nak cakap english, cakap b.melayu jelah. Hehe^^